Who We Are

Designed by residents, for residents

Our team is made up of individuals who live in communities that are formed within the apartment blocks and flats that they live in

We understand every challenge that you face, day in and day out.

After years of existing on distant terms with our neighbours, we realise the comradery, confidence and wellbeing that connecting with those closest to you brings.

LocalBuddy is the technology that we believe will enable this.

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Why we do what we do

Our beliefs

We believe in transparency

Gone are the days of getting second-hand information about issues that directly affect you and your neighbours. With LocalBuddy, everyone in your local community or residents who’s signed up gets the same up-to-date information.

We believe in privacy

Control how much or how little you share about yourself. Only your name is shared with other residents. Your personal and contact details, as well as your social media profile, are kept private.

We believe in the power of numbers

Just as no man or woman is an island, residents shouldn’t live in isolation. The greater your local network, the more likely you are to find people to swap goods and services with, and who share the same interests as you. Being unified when issues arise, also gives you the collective power to make significant changes.

We believe in community

We feel strongly that estate/resident management companies can play a major role in bringing cohesion to residents, while improving their communication, documentation and impact on people’s lives.